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Our thresher is a part of farm machines that effectively threshes grains. It expels the seeds from the husks and stalks. This functions by beating the stems to make the seeds come out. Conventional threshing is pain-staking and time consuming; therefore, we have designed an automated machine for them. It does the threshing job in just some hours for per acre field. This has orifices and components that can be attached to a truck for mobility purposes. It implies the customers can take our thresher to their fields for less time consumption and power utilization. This machine can accept wheat, rice, pulses and many more allied crops to thresh. Nevertheless, we can re-model some designs in compliance with the users’ perquisites.

Key Features:
  • It can be attached to different vehicles
  • Small in structure, thus, it is portable
  • Have wheels for simple mobility applications
  • Consume less space and need less support