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The provided shredder is simple to operate and widely utilized for separation, granulation, compaction, blending, size reduction, classification and mixing of grains. This is profoundly requested by the customers because of its load bearing capacity, strong construction and reliable performance. It has a big nozzle from which the cut materials are passed through to the ground. This machine also has a circular cutting blade and a handle for simple operations. In addition, our shredder is small in size and functions with the help of an integrated electric power source. It can process tons of grains in just one hour. This is covered and coated with quality varnish to oppose climatic changes, water, stains, chemicals, scratches and more damaging aspects.

Key Features:

  • Compact, classify and mix the grains
  • Have elevated load bearing capacity
  • Integrated with a proficient electric power source
  • Covered and enclosed in steel structure for elevated safety measure