Chaff Cutter
Our chaff cutter is used to cut the crops such as hay, straws and many more items for making animals food. It has a sharp cutting blade that cut any material in zero time.
Agricultural Thresher
The provided thresher helps the customers in obtaining the seeds from harvested crops. It effectively dehusk the crops and transfers the seeds to an individual hopper.
Areca Nut Dehusker
The structure of our areca nut polisher is composed of mild steel material. This machine is completely semi-automatic, which implies an expert is not required to monitor the operations.
Areca Nut Polisher
This mild steel or 316 grade/304 grade stainless steel made Arecanut Gorabal Polisher is used to polish bulk amount of betel nuts at minimal duration. The advanced polishing technique of this machine ensures low wastage of materials.
Coconut Dehusker
Our Coconut Dehusker demands less human power it functions with an integrated electric power system. It is small enough for simple mobility applications. This is user safe, friendly and simple maintenance.
Waste Shredder
Our Shredder is used for classifying and separating the grains from the straws and hays. The material is loaded onto one side for shredding while the final product comes out from the designed nozzle.

Decorning Machine
Developed from food grade stainless steel, this Decorning Machine is preferred for its uninterrupted operation and low cost functioning. High output level, compact shape and long working life are its key attributes.
Mini Rice Mill
This precisely developed Mini Rice Mill is used for fast and effective elimination of small stone particles, dust and other impurities present in rice. Easy to operate, this rice mill is appreciated for its smooth operation and low downtime rate.
Maize Sheller
Natural maize from with a shell that is hard and unbreakable by hands. Hence, we have designed Maize Sheller for such operations after which the customers will get dehusked and polished maize.

Agricultural Rotavator
The provided Rotovator is used to cultivate and harvest the crops from the fields. It has a heavy-duty structure that should be mounted on a truck or tractor for fast operations and output rate.
Rotary Tiller
Once a crop is harvested, the land requires a tilling process. This procedure can be completed with our Tiller, which is heavy structure yet highly functional under different conditions.
Groundnut Decorticator
Our Decorticator is used to de-corn the corn grains for further processing. It has a de-corning component that collects the material and de-corn it in just few minutes.