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Coconut Dehusker

Coconut is a big nut from which we get coconut milk, coconut oil, and many more coconut products. However, this nut is developed in hard casing of fibers that need to be removed to get a quality coconut. To make such tasks simple, we have designed coconut dehusker that has a hopper to collect coconuts for further processing. This is a small structure machine and provided in two models such as 5 HP dehusker and 7.5 HP dehusker. It additionally has effective weight, height, width and length for simple installation purposes. This coconut dehusker is immensely availed by the food industry to make numerous coconut products. It has three phase power source that enables it to dehusk at least 500 coconuts in each hour.

Key Features:
  • Functions through an electric motor
  • Small and enclosed in mild steel
  • Have handle and wheels for mobility
  • Can process more than 500 coconuts per hour