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Areca Nut Dehusker

There are numerous nuts available around us. But they came in a casing from the nature. therefore, to remove such casings, we have outlined areca nut dehusker that successfully dehusks the nuts. It has more than two hoppers for loading and collecting the nuts. This is outlined with a proficient control panel through which the users can set their settings in terms of speed, output, performance and quality. It does not damage the nuts yet it rejects the damaged nuts from a batch. In addition, the provided areca nut dehusker has a small conveyor belt inside that effectively moves the nuts from a hopper to the dehusking component. It is outlined in small structure to reduce the space for installation.

Key Features:
  • Accepts all kinds of small and medium nuts
  • Expels the husked material from one side
  • Rejects unhealthy nuts by sorting the batch
  • Functions at an elevated speed